• The Benefits and Drawbacks of Bamboo Floors

    If you’ve been keeping a close eye on flooring trends in recent years, you will have noticed that bamboo as a natural surface covering material has become more popular, due to its many similarities to hardwood flooring, even though it is actually produced from a type of grass. But understanding the...

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  • Bamboo Flooring vs. Hardwood Flooring

    If you are looking to refurbish your old house to enhance its beauty or embellish a newly constructed one, floors are one of the best aspects to invest. But with so many choices to choose from how could a homeowner make the right choice for their homes? Each type of available flooring has its own se...

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new to our ranges

  • Malay Grey

    1900mm x 190mm x 14/3mm

    WildOak Origins 190 (Original Board) Range